Atrocities of the former YUGOSLAVIA – JAZOVKA

Atrocities of the former YUGOSLAVIA – JAZOVKA

JAZOVKA, a naturally formed pit above the village of Sošice has become a tragic ossuary some 40 metres deep. In 1990 many human bones, skulls shot through, army boots and belts were discovered at the bottom of the pit. The victims of the Second World War and the post-war period ended their lives here in the most ruthless way, when, after the establishement of the communist regime, the prisoners of war, soldiers and civilians, were thrown into the pit. The memorial cricifix is placed close to the pit and a holy mass is celebrated to commemorate the victims every year on Sunday in the middle of May.
In this set of video clips you will see how it was found with witness statements.

1Who Amnestied the Partisan Crimes?:
On Forgotten Partisan Barbarism and Croatian Victims
Today in the most elite quarter of Zagreb resides the chief orchestrator of the massacre in the Macelj woods
Stjepan Hrsak where some 13.000 people were killed (of 134 mass graves identified in the area out of 22 the remains of
1,163 victims have been exhumed). In the weekly “Nedjeljna Dalmacija” of July 15th 1990 Simo Dubajic admitted
the murder of 36,000 people in eight days in Kocevski Rog. How is it that in this and other cases our judiciary
and “Human Rights” advocates have not reacted to this day? President Mesic twice privately lunched with
Marko Belinic against whom the Croatian Domobran (regular army during the period 1941-45) Society filed
criminal charges for, amongst other documented crimes, the killing of 236 prisoners who were flung into the
Jazovka pit on Jan. 1st 1943. What kind of democracy is it where the President lunches with an individual2
accused of war crimes, and not only is there not a parliamentary inquiry but there is no mention of the fact
either in the media or from the political opposition?
I have investigated communist crimes for some 30 years and agree with many foreign experts (Rummel,
Scott, Heinsohn, etc.) that the communist revolution in former Yugoslavia killed some one million people.
Zherjavices and other “demographic studies” are so worthless that they can be debunked even on the basis of
articles which have appeared in the daily press (exhumations near Maribor and Slatinski Drenovac which
yielded the remains of 1.633 victims, near Klinca Selo where 1.500 prisoners were killed in five locations, seven
areas under mount Sljeme near Zagreb where 976 victims are buried are just a few of several hundred examples
which have appeared in the printed press over the last several years). Today only a moral or intellectual idiot can
negate this.
The establishment of communist Yugoslavia cost the Croatian people from 1941 to 1951 some
45O.OOO murdered civilians and prisoners of war, including 40.000 wounded and over 50.000 killed in battle.
3Proportional this is the equivalent of over TWENTY MILLION DEAD in the USA. And we allow these
victims of the largest genocide in the history of southeastern Europe to be criminalized by their murderers and
intellectual criminals who work in the vast majority of media in Croatia. The fact that the most beautiful square
in Zagreb carries the name of the individual ranked as the fifth worst criminal of the 20th century (Josip Broz
Tito) says all about the level of civilization and nation, and above all moral consciousness here. A society
which allows such a level of historical falsification cannot be healthy.
In the daily “Politika” of February 1st 1951 chief of secret police Aleksandar Rankovic states: “Through
our jails there passed from 1941 to 1951 3.777.776 persons and we liquidated 568.000 enemies of the
people”. The last number, of course, does not include some 100.000 inhabitants of the Independent State of
Croatia killed from 1941 to the end of April 1945: After the fall of Travnik 2.200 in four days, 700 in Zemun
the first night, 646 in Bihac from Nov. 3rd 1942 to Jan. 25th 1943, 386 in Srijemski Karlovci, 90.000 German
prisoners of war, tens of thousands of victims who were not identified and who were thrown into pits, lakes,
etc. During May, June and July 1945, so many corpses were carried by the Sava, Drava and other waterways
that the Partisan press was forced to write about them.
4The daily “Borba” of May 14th 1945 writes: “…Today and yesterday corpses flowed down the Sava
river; all days eighty two who appear to have been killed recently were dragged out… They were dressed in the
regional costumes of the Srijem and Zagorje region…”. The area of Srijem since early mid-April was firmly in
Partisan hands. Many who are still (!) portrayed as victims of the Ustasha soldiers in Jasenovac were murdered
by the Partisans who filmed them and attributed them to the Ustasha fighters. Another point on which the
“antifascists” remain mum is how many Serbs who did not have “an ideologically acceptable profile” they
killed, 305 in the districts od Dreznica, Skare and Medak alone. From the Hague Tribunal and other responsible
addresses like the UN Security Council through diplomatic channels we should continually ask only one
question: Is international law applicable to all nations and parties?
In Chechenya the Russian forces since 1994 out of 880.000 indigenous inhabitants have so far killed
60.000 civilians, injured some 200.000 and expelled 400.000. Other than numerous documented massacres the
use of disproportional force is already evident, contrary to the Geneva and Hague Conventions. Are the
investigators under the way and when will indictments be raised against those who are responsible for the crimes?6
Considering the way our diplomacy has functioned up to date, it would be better if we had none. While
in the concentration camp in 1992 a dear friend of mine, half-dead from beatings (amongst other injuries his
brain-fluid sack burst and drained from his nose) told me: “I regret nothing, it was for Croatia “. And today those who
were and remain hardcore opponents of Croatian independence have the main say. In any other transitional
country they would be in jail and not on television.
Jewish Crimes
A Zionist charlatan Efraim Zuroff came here to dispense moral lectures from country whose air force in
just two months in Lebanon killed more innocent civilians than Jews who were killed or died from all causes
during the Independent State of Croatia. Israel has expelled 1.1 million Palestinians and Arabs, of 489
Palestinian villages 368 were razed to the ground and rocks thrown into wells so that the inhabitants do not return.
In the villages of Deir Jasin and Dweima in 1948 and in Gaza in 1956 alone the Israeli army massacred at least
1300 civilians. Does it sit well with us to continually be intellectual, ideological and political slaves of foreign
know-nothings and domestic Yugo-marxist clowns?
This is a translation of an article by Davor Glasnovich which appeared in the daily “Slobodna
Dalmacija”, Oct. 15, 2000

7Jazovka, a natural hole near the village of Sošice; an ossuary hole, in which an estimated 20,000 or more bodies of killed Croatian soldiers were thrown by the partisans in 1943; during 1945 the communist government killed and buried there prisoners of war and civilians. Since Jazovka was made public in 1990, every year, on the Sunday falling closest to the 15th of May, a memorial mass is served for the fallen. A modest memorial plate with inscription “Father, forgive them; for they knew what they had done”.
Feral Tribune, Split, Croatia, December 29 1997
Myth About Jazovka

Further developing the magic formula, its moderate followers told us that Ustashe were not golden boys, but neither were the Partisans. That had to be proven with material evidence. Immediately after HDZ won power, Jazovka ravine was discovered near Zagreb, with a lot of media fanfare; it was probably supposed to become a counterpart of Jasenovac. The alleged number of the victims thrown into Jazovka (captured members of the NDH military units and civilians who were after the war killed by the Partisans) was immediately estimated at 20,000 and by today it has reached 60,000. However, the Commission which at the time was established by the Parliament with the mission to carefully research the victims of Jazovka and informing the public about them, never announced its results. Maybe because, according to the information coming from the then prime minister Josip Manolic, in Jazovka, instead of tens of thousands, only the remains of 245 persons were found and it was assumed that the remains were of the Ustashe who had died or been shot in the battle for Krasic, in the last days of 1942.

The myth about tens of thousands of victims in Jazovka has nevertheless survived, as at the time the myth about hundreds of thousands of victims in Jasenovac. The campaign around the victims from Jazovka has given impetus to the founding of the Parliamentary commission for the investigation of the war victims and victims in the post-war period; the Commission, while led by Vice Vukojevic, tried very hard to prove Vukojevic’s conviction that the Partisans were a gang of murderers; for obvious reasons, Tudman didn’t like that and, consequently, the involvement of Vukojevic in that project was short lived.

Nevertheless, Tudman never denied that he had borrowed from Vukojevic the idea about the conversion of the Jasenovac memorial park into the “park commemorating all Croatian war victims”, as he stated in his State of the Croatian State and Nation Address in 1995. The plan to convert the memorial to the victims of the largest Ustashe death-camp, which has been and still is a symbol of the genocidal and racist nature of the Ustashe state, into a “memorial to all Croatian war victims” provoked extremely strong reactions abroad, especially in the USA and Tudman had to pull back. The future will tell whether he has definitely given up on this idea or whether this was just a tactical withdrawal.

JAZOVKA – A place where not much is said about. Here is evidence of TITO’s crimes.1