Tribute to Vel. Josip Kasic

veljosipkasicVel. Josip Kasic

sin Bosiljka i Ilke r. Jukic
roden u Sultici-Podhum, Hrvatska 29 – 02 – 1924.
Zaraden za svecenika 29 – 06 – 1948.
Kao svecenik djeluje u domovini na zupama Brusnica,
Gromljak, rasticevo-Kupres.
Napusta domovinu 1960.
Stize u Melbourne-u Australija 04 – 05 – 1961
Preminuo u Gospodinu u Melbourne, 24 sjecnja 1996.
Pocivao u miru Bozjem !

svnikolatavelicWith the growing number of migrants arriving from Croatia to Melbourne during the 1960’s, Rev. Josip Kasic (who arrive on the 4th May 1961), saw the great need and necessity in establishing a Croatian Catholic Centre where these people could gather together, attend mass, and receive the sacrament in their own native language. At the time of his arrival, there already existed a strong Croatian population of 20,000 and which grew from day to day.

Rev Josip Kasic in the 1970’s and 1980’s recorded some teachings and history of Croatia, here are these recordings available for download. Listen to them carefully, there is a message in all these recordings that we can all learn from.

veljosipkasicmisaRev. Josip Kasic
son of Bosiljka and Ilke r. Jukic
Born in Sutlici-Podhum,Croatia 29 – 02 – 1924.
Ordained as a Priest 29 – 06 – 1948.
practicing his priesthood in his homeland of
Croatia in the parish of Brusnica
he left his homeland of Croatia in 1960.
Arrived in Melbourne Australia 04 – 05 – 1961
Passed away in Melbourne Australia on the
24th January 1996.
May he rest with God in Peace !!
He is greatly missed in the Croatian community of
Melbourne Australia.


velkasicmladihrvatiRev Josip kasic with the Croatian Folkloric group he helped form in 1978 in Melbourne Mladi Hrvati of Clifton Hill

Below are some recordings The Rev. Josip Kasic did in the 1970’s and 1980’s on the history of Croatia and it’s people. He released these on record (vinyl) at the time and gave away these records for free in the Croatian community so as the community could learn the proper history of Croatia. We have digitally remastered these recordings and published them on YouTube. Below are the YouTube videos.

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